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State Internet Information Office Crack Down on Cyber Rumors

The State Internet Information Office (SIIO), the government agency overseeing China’s Internet activities, is investigating a number of websites for spreading rumors. Thirty-one websites have been shut down.
According to SIIO, "Recently some unruly individuals have used the Internet to maliciously fabricate and spread rumors of an evil nature. The stories were serious misrepresentations of the facts. Such behavior constitutes a serious breach of public morality and a disruption of cyberspace and the social order. Some mismanaged websites allowed such rumors to spread, resulting in adverse effects."
It is reported that SIIO is launching a nationwide crackdown on Internet rumors and rumormongering behavior. It will rely on reports from Internet users and its own leads to investigate websites and Internet user accounts, in conjunction with the pursuit by the public security authorities.
Source: Xinhua, July 17, 2014