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PBoC Dedicates Effort to Cleaning Up Renminbi Bills Having Falun Gong Information

A source inside China revealed a document to Chinascope. The document shows that People’s Bank of China (PBoC) has gotten a new task these days, a task that has nothing to do with its banking functions. To break the government’s prohibition and ban on the practice of Falun Gong, Falun Gong members in China have been printing their information on renminbi bills, which makes that information much harder to monitor and remove. In a document (No.75 [2014]) labeled as classified and extremely urgent, PBoC will allocate dedicated efforts to accomplish the task of dealing with what it calls "reactionary propaganda bills." Below is the translation of a summary of the document: 

To crack down on activities of Falun Gong members’ producing and circulating reactionary propaganda bills and to check the growth and spread of Falun Gong reactionary propaganda bills, based on arrangements of the relevant departments of the central [government or the central Chinese Communist Party Committee], the People’s Bank of China (PBoC) has decided to launch a task across the entire country, dedicated to rectifying Falun Gong reactionary propaganda bills (henceforth referred to as the Dedicated Task). 
Goal: Through this Dedicated Task, the PBoC and financial institutions in the banking industry will play their full functionary roles, further enhance prevention and strengthen the crackdown, increase mobilization, clear up recycle and exchange channels, effectively cut off the chains of circulation of reactionary propaganda bills, gradually establish a long-term mechanism, and squeeze the space of reactionary propaganda activities that Falun Gong engages in via the use of renminbi bills. 
Major Measures: (1) Through joint human and equipment prevention, prevent financial institutions in the banking industry from circulating reactionary propaganda bills in society. (2) Improve relevant business training and become more sensitive politically. Make good use of the depository and exchange windows for recycling damaged renminbi. Have a presence at farmers’ markets, stores and supermarkets, and key public transportation terminals where people and cash flows are intense to conduct deposit and exchange services dedicated to this task. (3) Establish normal and thorough exchange and information sharing mechanisms with financial institutions and cooperate with relevant law enforcement agencies. (4) Launch broad propaganda to enhance public awareness of caring for renminbi and proactive prevention. Remind clients that if they have renminbi bills that have printed words or written words on them, or are damaged or smeared, they can exchange these bills at the banks retail outlets free of charge.

[According to Wikidedia and other sources, Falun Gong writings on such bills include: "Falun Dafa is good;" and "Heaven will destroy the Chinese Coummunist Party. Those who resign will be saved"]

Source: Chinascope.