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Liu Yunshan on Internet Security

China plans to hold a “National Network Security Promotion Week” during the last week of November each year. Xinhua recently reported on the first one, which started on November 24 this year.

Liu Yunshan, a member of the Politburo Standing Committee, head of the Communist Party propaganda work, and deputy head of the Central Internet Security and Informatization Leading Group, made a statement at the opening ceremony. According to Xinhua, Liu said, “While enjoying the convenience of the Internet, [we] should be vigilant about network attacks, network scams, and network rights violations. Internet pornography, gambling, drugs, violence, and terror, as well as rumors on the Internet, have kept coming back despite our ban. It has severely threatened [our] national security and people’s interests.”

Liu pointed out, “[We] should let people know the policy and rules of [our] Internet management, let people know the code and conduct for Internet usage, and improve people’s legal awareness so that they follow the laws to set up Internet service and follow the laws when they use it. … [We should] improve people’s ability to resist harmful information on the Internet. [We] should promote a healthy Internet culture, promote socialist core values, and improve netizen’s moral self-discipline. This will let the Internet spread a good voice and positive energy and will make the Internet space clean.”

Source: Xinhua, November 24, 2014