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Chinese Airports Have the Worst On-Time Departure Records

China Economic Times reported that, according to South China Morning Post, among 61 major airports in the world, all of the seven worst on-time departure performance airports are in China. Hong Qiao and Pudong Airport in Shanghai and Xiaoshan Airport in Hang Zhou are the bottom three on the list with on-time departure rates of 37.17, 37.26 and 37.74 percent respectively. Other airports that have the worst records include Baoan Airport in Shen Zhen, Baiyun Airport in Guangzhou, Chongqing Airport, and Beijing Capital International Airport. China Economic Times quoted comments from an aviation expert who stated that China is behind in airport management where airport networks are centralized in small regions. Since most airlines routes are between Beijing, Shanghai, and the Guangzhou region, any minor error in one area will affect the airline performances in other regions.

Source: China Economic Times, March 22, 2015