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China Internet Information Center: US Feels a Sense of Helplessness about AIIB

China Internet Information Center published a rebuttal against an article published in the New York Times on March 20 titled, “Hostility From U.S. as China Lures Allies to New Bank.” The rebuttal said that since March 12, more European countries have signed up to join the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank or AIIB, putting the U.S. in a very awkward position. The rebuttal questioned why the New York Times needs to be concerned. It stated that the reason China has attracted most countries to welcome the AIIB is that China has had strong economic growth. Even countries such as the UK look to China as its savior due to its own economic crisis. “The U.S. shouldn’t make its own values the absolute truth while discounting others. This type of mentality will affect its own growth.” The article continued that China has no intention of challenging the U.S. The strong opposition from the New York Times shows that the U.S. has a sense of helplessness.

Source: China Internet Information Center, March 25, 2015

New York Times, Hostility From U.S. as China Lures Allies to New Bank, March 19, 2015