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China Launched Satellite with Highest Resolution

Well-known Chinese news site Sina recently reported that China just successfully launched its first high resolution remote sensing satellite named “High-Res 4.” It is currently the geosynchronous orbit satellite with the world’s highest resolution, which covers one third of the surface of the earth. The mission of the satellite is to supply data for applications supporting work in areas of atmosphere, oceans, land, environmental protection, agriculture and forestry. China also plans to provide services to regions and countries covered under the “One Belt, One Road” strategy. The High-Res 4 weighs five tons and has an expected life-span of eight years. It is located over the equator. The satellite is equipped with a camera that has 50-meter resolution for the visible spectrum and 400-meter MWIR spectral resolution. The launch of the High-Res 4 was China’s latest and the 19th satellite launch mission in 2015. All of the 2015 launches were successful. 
Source: Sina, December 29, 2015