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Head of State Oceanic Administration: Marine Resources Plundered; Multiple Conflicts

In a recent talk, Liu Cigui, the Administrator of China’s State Oceanic Administration, discussed the severe situation of safeguarding maritime rights and interests in China’s surrounding waters: marine resources have been plundered; waters have been divided up; reefs have been occupied; the security of strategic passages has been threatened; and conflict has broken out in multiple locations.

Liu said that the ocean is an important platform for international political, economic, military, and diplomatic cooperation and competition. The ocean is in an even more important position for the national strategy of coastal countries. "The State Oceanic Administration, confronted by various maritime conflicts such as Japan’s so-called ‘nationalization’ of the Diaoyu Islands and the Philippines Ayungin Reef incident, has taken a series of counter-measures and achieved initial results."

Liu added that, in accordance with the "United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea," China has extensive strategic interests and legitimate rights in the open seas, the ocean, the international seabed, and the North and South Poles.

Source: China News, April 11, 2014