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Chinese Media Releases Nuclear Missile Launching Photos, a Warning to US and Japan

On July 5th, 2014, People’s Daily and China Gate republished an article, along with photos from the military section of Huanqiu [Editor’s note: the original article cannot be found] titled “The Second Artillery Forces Launched Nuclear Missile on Road Mobile, a Strong Warning to the U.S. and Japan.” The photos showed a live field drill of the PLA Second Artillery Forces, with the operation of the Dongfeng 31 intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) launching device, on road mobile.

The article said, “The goal of the PLA Second Artillery Forces is very clear. … It demonstrates its capability of winning battles in regional conflicts and of stopping U.S. intervention. These missiles are aimed primarily at external forces.”

Source: People’s Daily and China Gate, July 05, 2014