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Kwong Wah eNews: China’s Shenzhou Rocket May Have Crashed in Inner Mongolia on August 7

According to the August 10, 2014, (Sunday) edition of Kwong Wah eNews, an Internet user in Inner Mongolia disclosed in a recent microblog that a suspected Chinese rocket crashed in Inner Mongolia and burst into flames last Thursday, August 7, 2014. Chinese authorities soon cleaned up the scene and blocked the news. One Chinese military supporter said China was testing a WU-14 hypersonic missile on that day and that what crashed was the missile launching rocket. Three other sources, including Mongolia News, one witness, and one Macau military commentator all confirmed the testing of the WU-14 Ultra-High Speed Missile on August 7 and/or the crash of the rocket.

Source: Kwong Wah eNews, August 10, 2014