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People’s Daily: Obama’s Free Ride Remarks are Baseless and Ridiculous

People’s Daily issued a commentary on Obama’s remarks that China is a free rider. President Obama, in an interview with The New York Times, said that China is a global “free rider” and no one expects China do something for the world. 

According to People’s Daily, Obama’s remarks came "out of nowhere" and showed the "confused logic" of the United States. The United States has made a series of mistakes in Iraq, and is “embarrassing itself” by comparing the role it played in Iraq with that of China. The United States is the "invader" and "deserter" of Iraq, while China has been a "partner" and a "builder." 
People’s Daily first indicated that Chinese companies have built comprehensive petroleum production and processing facilities in Iraq and have completed telecommunication projects that provide coverage throughout Iraq. It then stated, “The ‘Free Rider’ remarks are baseless and truly ridiculous.” 
[Editor’s note: From the New York Times interview Aug 8 – Obama: “They are free riders. And they have been free riders for the last 30 years and it’s worked really well for them. … I’ve joked sometimes, when my inbox starts stacking up. I said can’t we be a little bit more like China? Nobody ever seems to expect them to do anything when this stuff comes up.”]
Source: People’s Daily, August 13, 2014