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Public Calling for Resignation of Party Officials Over Abuse of Power

Netizens in China voiced strong support for victims of abuse of power, calling for the resignations of top Chinese leaders over incidents of police brutality, reported Trend, a Hong Kong magazine. On March 8, 2009, a 19 year-old student died during police interrogation in Shanxi Province. Within three days of the incident, online postings calling for the resignations of Zhou Yongkang and Meng Jianzhu reached 70,000 at websites, including official websites such as and

Zhou currently serves as the 9th ranked member of the Communist Party Politburo Standing Committee and is the the head of the Party’s Central Political and Legislative Committee, an organ directing central government legal policy and the legislative agenda. Meng Jianzhu is the Minister of the Public Security.

Source: Trend, April 2009 Issue