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International Herald: How Effective is Obama’s “Smile Strategy?”

"After Obama’s smile (during his G20 trip and Europe/Asia tour), if no concrete action follows up, maybe comic cartoons is the only place for his ‘signature smile’." Stated a commentary by the International Herald Leader on April 14.

The article said that Obama’s signature smile was successful but failed to solve problems. "The smiles cover up the embarrassment of the US and its unwillingness to take additional responsibilities," the article commented on the change of the body language of the current president,"… we will expect to see the US to be more modest and self-restrained as well as being flexible and smart… How long can his smiles last under the current domestic situation?" The article asks, "In the eyes of those conservative forces in the US, US interest takes superiority over others. It will not allow its hegemony to be challenged … The attack from the conservatives against Obama’s bow to the King of Saudi Arabia at G20 shows that it is not easy for the US to set down its haughty airs and smile with sincerity to the world."

Source: Xinhua, April 14, 2009