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Renmin Bao: H1N1 Flu Strain Spreading Widely in China

Influenza H1N1, commonly known a Swine flu, is spreading widely in China, according to Renmin Bao. Liang Wannian, the Deputy Director of the Emergency Office, Ministry of Health estimated that the number of infected people in China might have reached several dozen million. The swine flu epidemic is in full breakout and infected people have been found in all provinces. It is also spreading among soldiers stationed in Beijing.

On the night of September 11, Xiong County, Hebei Province an urgent internal order was passed to all towns, townships, and districts, requiring complete silence on the actual numbers of people infected. According to higher-level orders, this is to ensure a great celebration of the 60th anniversary of the communist regime. The order reads that no one is allowed to report any such cases, forbids giving any medical confirmation of the H1N1 flu strain infection; requires treating all infections as regular flu; and all must report less or provide no reports about the H1N1 epidemic (Ed. – this is just as Beijing handled the SARS breakout — complete silence).

Source: Renmin Bao, September 13, 2009