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Every Effort Needed to Safeguard the Capital City’s Security and Stability

On April 29, 2011, at a meeting with grassroots Party secretaries in Beijing, Liu Qi, Beijing city’s Party chief, called for “every effort to safeguard the capital city’s security and stability.” Liu stated, “Incidents of social conflict remains frequent. Some people with ulterior motives, inside and outside of China, use the Internet and other means in an attempt to create trouble. Potential problems of public security cannot be ignored. We must maintain high vigilance, effectively tighten security and stability, solidly do a good job maintaining stability, and make a great effort to safeguard the capital’s security and stability.” 

Liu also stressed the religious work, “We must strengthen propaganda and education in the Marxist views on religion and the Party’s policies on religion. … (We must) ensure that the leadership in religious organizations is in the hands of those who love the nation and the religion (Ed: meaning ‘those who are loyal to the CCP’).”

Source: Beijing Daily, April, 30, 2011