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People’s Daily: Use Video Surveillance to Restore People’s Confidence in Social Morality

On September 6, 2011, People’s Daily Online published a commentary suggesting the use of video surveillance to restore people’s confidence in social morality.

Regarding a recent report of an incident in which no one helped an old man who fell over on the street and suffocated to death due to a nosebleed, the commentary said that such tragedies are not uncommon in China. Not all the onlookers who stood by were cold hearted. Due to incidents in which some people fell to the ground and then sued or framed the good hearted people who helped them, many people dare not offer help anymore. Therefore, the commentary proposed using “video surveillance” as a strategy to solve the dilemma so that people’s confidence in social morality can be restored.

Source: People’s Daily Online, September 6, 2011