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China Anti-Terrorism Expert: The Huge Side Effects of Ten Years of U.S. Anti-Terrorism

People’s Daily reported on an interview with (Li Wei) the director of the Anti-Terrorism Research Center at the China Institute of Contemporary International Relations. The report was about the U.S. anti-terrorist efforts over the 10 years since “9.11.” It said that, regarding anti-terrorism itself, the U.S. has achieved progress in working on the “symptoms,” but this is just one side of the problem. More importantly, terrorist activities since 9.11 have continually occurred in new forms and with new features. For example, terrorist activities have become multi-centered and more spread out, terrorists’ re-organizing abilities have constantly improved, new terrorists have become younger, and their ways of attack have diversified. The American attack has resulted in younger people becoming terrorists, and in an increase in the Iraqi terrorist division. Therefore, considering the results, the side effects of U.S. anti-terrorism have far exceeded the achievements. In the 10 years of U.S. anti-terrorism, it is more loss than gain. 

The article concluded that, when the U.S. spreads its own country’s values to the world, it contradicts the idea of global multi-cultural values. Not only did this deep level problem remain unresolved after 9.11; the U.S.’ inappropriate actions have deepened and worsened it.

Source: People’s Daily, September 7, 2011