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Government Think Tank: China Should Be Realistic about Its Relationship with the U.S.

Dai Xu, a researcher at the China Strategic Research Center, Beijing University, published an article on China-U.S. relations. Dai stated that the United States is forging ahead on three fronts and that China should be realistic about its relationship with the U.S. “In Russia, the U.S. is compressing the Russian strategic space by deploying an anti-missile system in Europe and by attempting lethal attacks in the Russian presidential election. In China, it announced its return to Asia and threw China’s neighbors into chaos. In the Islamic battlefield, it subverted and dismembered Iraq, Libya, Sudan, and Yemen, and now surrounds Syria and Iran, dragging Pakistan along.” The article quoted the remarks that Jon Huntsman made during the CBS presidential debate. Huntsman suggested that the U.S. should be reaching out to its allies and constituencies within China to take down China. The article states, “It looks like the U.S. strategists believe the U.S. can survive without China and do not show any desire to build a community of common interests with China.” The article concluded by urging that China must be realistic and rational about the environment and know its enemy well.

Source: Huanqiu reprinted by Xinhua, January 4, 2012