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State Security Arrested Taiwan Resident

On June 18, Chinese State Security Authorities detained a Taiwan businessman, Mr. Zhong Dingbang, who was on a three day trip visiting relatives in southern China. Zhong was detained at the airport when returning to Taiwan. His family in Taiwan later learned that the Chinese authorities had taken him to "help with the investigation of Falun Gong." On June 27, citing state security sources, Xinhua reported that Zhong had been placed under residential surveillance on suspicion of disrupting the broadcast of state television, thus threatening state security.

While the details were unclear as to what Zhong allegedly did, New Tang Dynasty TV (NTD) reported that Zhong was a Falun Gong practitioner. "NTD has reported on successful attempts of Falun Gong practitioners in China tapping into state-run television signals to broadcast information about the CCP’s persecution of the spiritual practice. Those involved were usually hunted down. Many have since died from torture and abuse in prison."

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