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Graduate Students Doubled in Ten Years While Employment Rate Tumbled

According to Xinhua News, Chinese graduate school student enrollment continued to grow in 2012. Xinhua reported that the graduate student enrollment was 584,416 this year, which was double the size it was ten years ago. This phenomenon has temporarily eased the employment pressure for undergraduate students. However, the number of graduate students who graduated last year surpassed the number of undergraduate students, indicating that graduate student enrollment exceeded that of undergraduate students three years ago.

Another alarming phenomenon is that the employment rate for graduate students continues to decline. In the past three years, it even dropped below the rate for undergraduate students. Statistics from the Talent Pool Market in Jiangsu Province indicated that the employment rate for graduate student was 86.62 percent compared to 90.3 percent for undergraduates and 94.1 percent for vocational or associate degree students.

Some experts also raised concerns over the quality of the education for graduate school students. A survey from 2008 suggested that 15.7 percent of the college professors oversee 10 or more graduate students while close to one percent have 20 or even 30 students. Meanwhile, the average professor to graduate student ratio in the U.S. is one to only two to three students or a maximum of five to six.

Many experts say that universities and colleges should be discouraged from seeking to expand and should reduce their enrollment size so that the quality of education can be improved.

Source: Xinhua, October 21, 2013