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RFA: Chinese People Are Following the U.S. Presidential TV Debates

On October 5, 2012, Radio Free Asia published an article on news in China about the first U.S. Presidential debate. Since the Thursday before the debate, 400,000 news reports about the U.S. presidential election have appeared on mainland China’s social media. Some netizens have opened “U.S. Presidential Election” microblogs, collecting all of the articles about the election. Sina’s official microblog also opened “Micro Topic,” allowing people to discuss the U.S. presidential election.

Many netizens’ messages show how an atmosphere in which ordinary people in a democratic country participate in general elections has an effect on the people in China. They are having new thoughts about democracy. “Only by achieving democracy in the political process can the administration of government be open and transparent.”

Source: Radio Free Asia, October 5, 2012