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International Herald Leader: U.S. Concerns about Huawei Are Totally without Merit

China’s state’s media, the International Herald Leader (IHL), published an article that its Washington D.C. reporter wrote to rebut the comments U.S. Congressmen made during the recent Congressional hearing on Huawei and ZTE. The reporter stated, “U.S. politicians suppress Huawei and ZTE without any credible evidence in order to curb the rise of China’s strategic industries and to seek the U.S.’s own political interests.”

With respect to comments by the U.S. Congressmen on Huawei’s products proving to be a security risk, IHL, citing senior officials from Huawei and ZTE, stated, “These arguments are totally without merit.” 

On the relationship with the Chinese Government, IHL quoted from Huawei that “[it] has no special relationship with the Chinese Government and has not received any help from the Chinese Government.” “ZTE declared that ‘ZTE is neither a State-owned enterprise nor under the control of the Chinese government.’”

Huawei asserted that the Communist Party Committee at Huawei was established in accordance with China’s Company Law, and that even Walmart and other foreign owned enterprises have Communist Party organizations.

Source: International Herald Leader, September 25, 2012