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82 H7N9 Cases With 17 Fatalities

Xinhua reported that, as of 17:00 Beijing time on April 17, 2013, China had a total of 82 H7N9 cases with 17 deaths, five released and 60 under treatment. From 20:00 April 16 to 17:00 April 17 alone, an additional 5 new cases were reported, one in Shanghai and 4 in Zhejiang Province.

According to Xinhua, as of April 17, the distribution of reported cases was as follows: one in Beijing, 31 in Shanghai (11 deaths), 20 in Jiangsu Province (three deaths), 25 in Zhejiang Province (two deaths), three in Anhui Province (one death), and two in Henan Province. The authorities stated that there is no epidemic connection between these cases, which have spread to 30 prefecture-level regions.

A week ago, on April 10, there had been a total of 33 reported cases and nine deaths.

Xinhua, April 17, 2013
Xinhua, April 10, 2013