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PLA Daily: The U.S. Cyber Strategy: Cooperation Is a Pretense; Confrontation Is What’s True

China’s military newspaper PLA Daily published an article claiming that the U.S. proposal to cooperate with China on the issue of cyber security is no more than a pretense. Confrontation is the real truth. The article referred to two news reports on April 9, 2013, regarding the U.S. cyber strategy. The first one said that, at the sixth China-U.S. Forum on the Internet, the U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Robert Hormats stated, “Both sides need cooperation rather than confrontation." The second one said that John Hayden, deputy commander of the U.S. Air Force Space Command, announced at the U.S. National Space Symposium, "The U.S. Air Force has officially designated six kinds of Internet tools as weapons." The article said, “Taking the two news items together, one cannot help but wonder how sincere the United States’ proposal for cooperation really is.” 

The article concluded, “Whether the United States is talking about cyberspace cooperation or promoting the development of Internet tools, it cannot cover the fact that its purpose is to maintain hegemony in the name of cooperation and the intention to threaten other countries by displaying new cyber weapons. One thing is for sure; the U.S. military bringing cyberspace into the arms race will make the fighting on cyberspace strategy increasingly fierce.” 
The article was republished on almost all of China’s state-run media’s major websites. 
Source: PLA Daily, April 15, 2013