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China Reported Steady Increase in H7N9 Cases

On May1, 2013, the China National Health and Family Planning Commission released information indicating that between 1600 hours on April 24 and 1600 hours on May 1, 2013, another 19 new H7N9 cases were reported for a total of 127 cases. Twenty-six have died and 26 have recovered. Of the 19 newly reported cases, three are in Jiangsu Province, four in Zhejiang Province, three in Fujian Province, five in Jiangxi Province, one in Shandong Province, one in Henan Province, and two in Hunan Province. The official release maintained that there is no epidemic connection between the cases and no evidence indicating human to human transmission.

The cases of those infected have spread over ten provinces and provincial level municipalities.

Source: Xinhua, May 1, 2013