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Xinhua: System Design Does Not Match the Reality of Organ Donation

Liaowang Newsweekly (a new magazine under Xinhua) reported that, since 2007, there were only five instances in which organs were donated after a person died. The difficulty in defining the criteria of death, the regulations that contradict social reality, and public pressure are currently the three main obstacles to promoting the donation of organs after death. 
The Newsweekly reporter visited the Jiangxi Red Cross, health administrative departments, pilot hospitals (for organ donation) and other related institutions and found out that volunteers who applied for registration of body donation after death had increased as compared to 2010, but more than 90 percent of those didn’t materialize. One interviewee revealed, “It’s very rare to have a successful donation.”  

The Jiangxi Red Cross has statistics that show that, since 2007, the province has completed a total of 1,125 registrations for volunteer donations after death. However, there were only five successful organ donations. 

Source: Xinhua, June 9, 2013