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RFA: Tibet Completed Real-name Telephone, Cell Phone, and Internet Registration Process

RFA reported that Tibet has become the first region in China to have completed the real-name Telephone, Cell Phone and Internet registration process. RFA said it believed the measure was an effort the Chinese government used to intensify information control in Tibet, .

The statistics suggested that there are 2.7 million land line and mobile telephone users as well as 1.4 million Internet users registered in Tibet. However a Tibetan resident told RFA that, if they paid a high enough price, they could buy a mobile phone outside of Tibet and use it in Tibet.

Also the effect of the real name registration process is questionable. People told RFA that it is extremely difficult to control the flow of information in today’s advanced information era. “Even though China made a requirement last year that all microblog users register using their real names, online criticisms against the government did not diminish. According to RFA, this is a clear indication that the real name registration system has limited effectiveness in media control.”

Source: RFA, June 19, 2013