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China State-Run Media Use the Snowden Incident to Attack U.S. Values

People’s Daily, overseas edition, which is distributed to Chinese all over the world, published a commentary that used the Snowden incident to attack the U.S. values of human rights and freedom of expression. 

The article was titled, “The Snowden incident blew off the cosmetics of the human rights issue from the American face.” The article said, “The ‘Prism project’ clearly tells people that the United States is trying to control the massive information transmitted within the entire Internet.” “The leader of equality, democracy, freedom, and fraternity" is nothing but a thick layer of ‘cosmetics’ covering the face of the United States." “The truth is that the U.S. has been using a double standard, yelling at other countries but being indifferent to its own illegal acts. The U.S. intelligence system has been using a variety of means to monitor the flow of information in cyberspace in order to ensure U.S. national security, even if it is at the cost of individual citizens’ privacy being potentially or actually threatened.” 

The article was re-posted all over the websites of China’s state media. 

Source: People’s Daily, Overseas edition, June 20, 2013