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Survey Results Show College Students Benefit from Microblogs

On August 19, Beijing Youth League and the Psychology Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences published the results of a survey on how Microblogs affect Chinese college students. The results showed that out of 10,686 students who took the survey, only 52.6 percent were satisfied with their life. In terms of the positive influence Microblogs had on the college students, close to 40 percent of the students found Microblogs helped them with their studies, 39.28 percent said it helped them to improve their job skills and 46.37 percent said it helped push them to explore opportunities to start their own business. Moreover, 68.12 percent of those surveyed think Microblogs enable them to participate actively in social welfare events, while 74.79 percent thought Microblogs bring positive energy to society.

The statistics from Sina Microblog showed that, by the end of June 30, one million account owners were college students. Of those 23.98 percent were around 20 years old or juniors in college. Guangdong Province ranked highest in the number of users, followed by Jiangsu, Hubei, Shandong Province, and Beijing.

Source: China Youth Daily, August 22, 2013