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BBC Chinese: Chinese Christians Protest against Church Demolition

BBC Chinese recently reported that Christians in Zhejiang Province in Eastern China have been protesting against the authorities for the decision to demolish their churches. More than ten churches have been threatened with demolition. The precise reason for the government’s move is still unclear. Some cited as an excuse the fact that the crosses on some roofs were “too eye-catching.” Most people expressed the belief that the communists in that Province had conducted an intentional attack. Zhejiang Province is considered the region with the most active population of Christians. Local government officials in the region have been very uncomfortable with the rapid growth of the influential power of the Christian churches. Local religious leaders criticized the local officials for their serious intervention in religious freedom and asked the government of the Province to stop the demolition activities. As of the time Chinascope published this briefing, almost all copies of the online reports of this story in China had been removed.
Source: BBC Chinese, April 9, 2014