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Study Times: State-owned Enterprises to Change Their Political Advantage to a Competitive Advantage

Study Times published a commentary on how State-owned enterprises (SOEs) can more effectively change their political advantage into a competitive advantage. 

According to the article, the central role of the Communist Party should reflect the leadership’s role in SOEs. “From an economic perspective, the SOEs are an important economic pillar of the country. From a political perspective, the Party’s organization in SOEs is an important foundation of the ruling Party organization.” The Party organizations in the SOEs fully play the central political role showing the Party’s capabilities in leading economic development, which is also mandated by the need to solidify the Party’s rule of the country. 
The article further stated that SOEs bear different responsibilities from other types of businesses. They bear both an economic responsibility and a political and social responsibility. “SOEs should remain highly consistent with the Party’s Central Committee, consciously instill the Party’s line, principles and policies into the action of cadres and workers, and transform these Party lines, principles and policies into products, economic efficiency, and the enterprise’s development practices.” 
Source: Study Times, April 14, 2014