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RFI: The Yuyuan Shoe Factory Strike Continues

Radio France International reported on April 18 that more workers from the Yuyuan Shoe Factory have joined the strike that started a few days ago. The factory is located in Dongguan, Guangdong Province, which is very close to Hong Kong. The factory is owned by a Taiwanese company that is an important supplier of Nike and Adidas. The Yuyuan Shoe Factory is the largest shoe manufacturer in the world. The strike started a few days back when around 30,000 workers called for the company to make larger social security payments [some media reported that worker’s wanted the company’s social security contributions to be made in accordance with Chinese law]. The number of workers on strike quickly doubled within four days, to over 60,000 in total. This strike is becoming the largest labor strike in the history of China under communist rule. The communist labor union and the local police are siding with the company management by forcing the workers to go back to work. As of the time Chinascope published this briefing, the situation was still developing.

Source: RFI, April 18, 2014