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Beijing Announced Anti-Terrorist Measures

Guangming Daily published an article on a recent anti-terrorist conference held in Beijing. The conference announced that a series of anti-terrorist measures have been implemented in Beijing. They include a group of 100,000 members who will collect and report intelligence tips. A demonstration at the conference showed how a group of 2,400 building security workers used the social management surveillance system to report suspicious people or actions and how the system translated their voice recordings into words which were then uploaded onto the server. The conference also announced a cash reward of between 1,000 and 40,000 yuan (US$161 to $6,426) to be given for tips about terrorist threats. In addition, the armed police force will increase street patrols using motorcycles and surveillance dogs. It will also use five helicopters no less than 30 hours each week to provide surveillance from the air.

Source: Guangming Daily, June 22, 2014