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Xinhua: International Companies Threaten to Reduce Their Investments in China

Xinhua recently reported that the American Chamber of Commerce in China just released the results of a report showing that many international companies are considering reducing their investments in China. This new trend came about mainly because of the antitrust investigations and other legal attacks these companies have been facing in China. Greg Gilligan, Chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce in China, pointed out that international companies were obviously singled out in this round of legal attacks. Of the member companies of the Chamber that were surveyed, half expressed the belief that the Chinese government is "selectively and subjectively” targeting them using law enforcement as the justification. The Chamber’s report suggested that China is moving closer and closer to the risk of losing its attractiveness as an investment destination. Sixty percent of the companies surveyed said they did not feel welcomed in China. The same number was 40 percent at the end of 2013. The EU Chamber of Commerce did research this year that drew a similar conclusion.
Source: Xinhua, September 3, 2014