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A School in a Poisonous Environment in Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province

Oriental Daily reported on how the authorities handled the issue of the poisonous environment at the Changzhou Foreign Language School. The school’s surrounding environment, including the air, soil, and water, was polluted. Hundreds of students were diagnosed with dermatitis and measurable blood abnormalities; some even had leukemia and lymphoma.

"The school gave its rebuttal, saying that the number of students with physical abnormalities was not over 500; it was ‘only 133 students.’ The students’ parents then countered, stating that they had gathered 683 copies of student’s health checkup reports. "Of those, 522 had abnormalities. Actually, it should not matter whether it was only 133 or 522. Even 133 is not a small number. Isn’t that enough to prove that the school’s environment is poisonous?"

"Parents of the students received warnings from local authorities several times: ‘Don’t create trouble.’ Some were interrogated and detained for ‘inciting and planning illegal assemblies and demonstrations.’ Some were forced to sign a paper promising not have a demonstration. Some were contacted by their employers and warned ‘not to participate’ and were given ‘hints’ that they would lose their jobs if they did participate. Some elderly participants were threatened at their homes. When reporters came to interview some scientists, they also kept silent. They gave reasons such as, ‘I have an administrative title," "I want to avoid trouble,’ and ‘The issue is too complicated.’"

Source: Oriental Daily, April 21, 2016