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Some Chinese Celebrated Japan’s Earthquake

VOA reported that some Chinese celebrated the disaster in Japan after strong earthquakes struck there in April. Some Chinese complained, wondering why the earthquake was not of a magnitude of 10 (so that more Japanese would die). "How come only a few dozen people died? It would be better if hundreds of thousands died." "I wish there were more earthquakes of magnitude eight in Japan, so that it would not have time to threaten China." "It is said that 80 percent of Japanese have negative views of China. Let those 80 percent die in this earthquake." "It would be much better if this whole island country sank."

Some companies also used it in their advertising. A car dealer in Xi’an City posted on the web, "To celebrate the big earthquake in Japan, our store will offer super low prices on all cars for the next three days. If the aftershocks continue, the promotion will continue. If a higher magnitude earthquake occurs, the price will go even lower. If 100,000 Japanese die, the price will go to the bottom. If Japan sinks, all cars will be free."

Many Chinese netizens criticized this behavior. Internet commentator Tian Qizhuang thought it was caused by the anti-Japan patriotism that has become popular in China over the last few years. "I think a very important issue is that the current education (in China) lacks a certain aspect of human nature. Some extremist ideology is expanding and brainwashing people. People don’t treat others as humans anymore. They don’t take themselves as human either. Instead, they are just a political tool."

Source: VOA, April 18, 2016