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To Demolish a Church, a Team Buried a Christian Alive, Resulting in Her Death

Radio Free Asia reported that, in Xincai County, Henan Province, on April 18, 2016, a group of people used force to demolish a church. They buried Li Jiangong and his wife Ding Cuimei while they were still alive because they tried to defend their church.

"The demolition team consisted of local villains. They drove trucks to knock down the church’s walls. Li, who was in charge of the church and his wife stood in front of the wall. One of the demolition team shouted, ‘Bury them alive. I will take the responsibility if someone dies.’ Then a bulldozer pushed both of them into a hole and covered them with earth. Mr. Li managed to dig himself out a few minutes later. By the time other people got Ding Cuimei out, she had stopped breathing."

"After seeing the death, the manager of the demolition team claimed he was sick and went to a hospital. Police said that they arrested two suspects, but it may take one or two years for this case to go to court."

"The church was built in 2007. Its members raised the money, bought the land, and built it. It had about 200 members. The government approved the construction. Because of its convenient location – it was close to a highway – some (powerful) people wanted to take over the land; they resorted to force to move the church off of the land."

Source: RFA, April 18, 2016