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Server Administrators Ordered to Turn in Server Password

Boxun received a news tip from its unidentified Chinese sources that China has ordered server administration companies to turn in the server login and password information so that a “computer specialist can login in to clean up the server.” Violators could face a fine as penalty as per the 5th clause of Article 21 within Order 33 issued by the Ministry of Public Security, which says that the police can impose a fine of not more than 5000 RMB against the responsible personnel and a fine of not more than 15,000 RMB against the company, close the network and equipment for up to six months, or if necessary, suggest to have the business license of the organization canceled and its network registration canceled, if “(the server host does) not inspect the content of information released on behalf of someone else or not register the unit or individual on whose behalf the information was released.” 

[1] Boxun, June 12, 2009
[2] Ministry of Public Security, China, December 30, 1997