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Guangzhou Daily: Deeply Hidden Motive to Harm China in the West’s “G-2” Ploy

On January 24, 2010, Guangzhou Daily published an article on the “China Model” and “G2-Chimerica.” The key points are listed below:

“As China’s economy is thriving in the financial crisis, the so-called “China Model” is again heatedly discussed in the international community. China is believed to be able to ‘save the world’ with such a model…. At the same time, Western media are promoting the idea of the ‘G2’ model, viewing the world as the ‘Chimerica’ era. In accordance with the West’s logic, China should take more of the world’s ‘responsibility’ since China has an equal status with the United States.”

“However, Westerners’ deeply hidden motivation behind the hot topic of the ‘China Model’ is to request China to assume responsibilities beyond China’s own capacity. Frankly speaking, this is to ‘kill China with flattery’.”

News Source: Guangzhou Daily, January 24, 2010