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Xinhua: Obama Admitted Mistakes and Bowed His Head

Xinhua reported on January 22, 2010, that after being in office for a year, Obama has lost 20% of his public support. The Democratic Party lost the key “60th Vote” in the Senate. Obama acknowledged that the “angry voters” helped Republican Scott Brown win the Senate seat. “The same thing that swept Scott Brown into office swept me into office,” he said.

Obama admitted his mistakes in the past year on his first anniversary in power when he was interviewed by ABC on January 20th. He said that after he became the president “we immediately were confronted with just stacks of tough decisions that had to be made. During the course of this year, we’ve had to make some decisions that were unpopular. We’ve made some mistakes. I’ve personally made some mistakes.”

Source: Xinhua, January 22, 2010