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Chinese Netizens Discuss the Relationship between Wealth and Students’ Classroom Success

Recently, an Internet posting titled “Nowadays Children from Poor Families Have Few Opportunities to Achieve Excellence” has attracted over 400,000 hits and more than 2,900 replies. A “teacher with 15 years of teaching experience” posted it. The posting said that students from rich families tend to have better grades because their parents have the money for extracurricular classes and even private tutors. Compared to 20 years ago, a student’s achievement is in inverse proportion to his family’s economic condition (Ed: Twenty years ago, China’s higher education provided a way for poor students to improve their social status.) Nowadays, studying hard is far from enough. Money produces good grades. Children from poor families lose from the start.

One reply said, “Due to the increased pressure to survive, poor people are no longer interested in a long-term investment in education.” Another reply said, “Education has been industrialized. Schools need to make money. Thus, children from wealthy families have more advantages. Many people are born into social classes.”

Source: Yangcheng Evening News, August 5, 2011