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Chinese Scholar: 9/11 Gave China the Opportunity for Rapid Development

On September 11, 2011, China Review News (CRN) published an article titled “After 10 Years of Struggle, the United States Has Lost the Anti-Terrorist War.” Shao Yuqun, an Afghanistan expert and deputy director of the South Asia Research Center, Shanghai Institute of International Studies, told CRN that the United States rushed into the wrong war, misjudged the nature of the enemy, ruined its international image, consumed enormous human and material resources, and still has not curbed the terrorists. To the contrary, the United States has gotten itself into “an endless war with no resolution in sight.”

According to Shao Yuqun, when President Bush took office, he viewed China as a strategic competitor and was preparing to focus fully on dealing with China. However, 9/11 diverted the United States’ attention away from China. Over the past 10 years, while the United States was busy dealing with the terrorists, China developed rapidly, increasing its power in diplomatic discourse.

Source: China Review News, September 11, 2011