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HK Frontline: Wang Huning Reveals Direction of Political Reform

The Hong Kong magazine Frontline reported that, from early March to March 13, Wang Huning, Xi Jinping’s top think tanker and advisor hosted a secret forum with over 40 other think tankers in attendance to discuss China’s political structure.

People from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Central Policy Office, the State Council’s Policy Office, the CCP Central Party School, the Academy of Social Science, and some ministry and provincial policy offices participated in the forum.

The meeting reviewed how the CCP Central Committee and Politburo of each CCP Party Congress, from 1990s to the present, followed the Constitution and how each exercised its decision-making power.

Wang Huning pointed out, "The status and operations of the CCP Central Committee and Politburo exhibit large gaps and obstructions to the implementation of the rule of law. The Party Central Committee’s policies and measures sometimes were ‘severely interfered with, twisted, or given only lip-service.’ Divisions of opinion within the Party have existed for a long time."

Xi Jinping gave three talks at the forum. He asked for participants to provide "opinions and suggestions that suit China’s situation and are in line with the world’s trend and progression." He also emphasized, "[We] can’t wait any longer! Our generation has to live up to the people’s expectations and appeals."

Source:, May 17, 2016