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The Wall Street Journal Flooded with Chinese Comments

On July 8, 2009, the Wall Street Journal published an article, “The Real Uighur Story,” written by Rebiya Kadeer, leader of the World Uighur Congress. The article offered her view of the July 5 event in Xinjiang, where Uighurs took to the streets and suffered a bloody crack-down at the hands of China’s riot police. Just hours after the incident, Chinese officials concluded that Rebiya Kadeer was behind the violence. From July 8 to 13, the Wall Street Journal website was flooded with comments about her article. Many who submitted comments had names suggesting they were Chinese. Some said that they grew up in China and had lived in the U.S. for many years. These Chinese commentators uniformly denounced Rebiya using the same tone that the Chinese government used. Many comments were personal attacks (a typical debate style used by the Communist Party) against Rebiya or commentators who offered views supportive of the Uighurs. The following are some of the comments. [1] (Incorrect wording is left as is.)

Jack Buhsmer wrote:
Isn’t this part of One China policy, to usurp and suppress other ethnic groups? Similar issue happened in Tibet. You know it’s bad when even the monks lose patience. Instead of prostituting itself for loans, America should confront China on many overdue issues such as ethnic suppression and human rights. Of course, a multi-trillion dollar loan placed in US treasuries shuts America up pretty effectively.

benchi sun replied (to Jack Buhsmer’s comments):
I doubt that you have ever set your footsteps in Urumqi (maybe even Xinjiang or China). Probably you may not even know where Urumqi is on the map. Sure, this won’t stop someone like you who “stands on a high moral ground” to comment on something you have no clue of. But I hope that, at least, those 150+ innocent Han Chinese being killed by the terrorists mean something to you. If I were you, a person “with high moral standards”, I would cry first for the human right of those innocent people being killed in the riot.

Philip Feng replied (to Jack Buhsmer’s comments):
America confronts China? Oh please, they have their own overwhelming racism problem. So please settle your own problem before scolding others. Also, the problem is far more complicated, and different, if you will, than you could simply presumed. So I beg of you to fully comprehend the issues within before making such superficial comments. China is a large and grand country. It’s no easy job to govern the land. Never try to force any of your western thoughts on an oriental land that is far beyond your knowledge. Because that’s is just sad of you to the Chinese people.

Ming Ying replied (to Jack Buhsmer’s comments):
Come on, arrogant americans.

‘you know it’s bad when even the monks lose patience’, laugh to death. Do you know how mand kinds of monks in Tibet? Do you know Dala belong to which kind? Buddhist is peacful and when the rioters in tibet go to the street to burn house and kill the innocent, you call them monks?

Once again, i want say this to the westerners: Tibet was, is and always will be a part of China.

As to confront China, forget it now. If China stops exporting commondity to US, a hyper inflation will totally destrory US society. And don’t forget we also own a huge US gov. det. China is rising and no one can stop it!

Lin Zhang wrote:
Why did not the WSJ invite Ben Laden to give his opinions?

Michael Webster wrote:
I noticed the word "terrorist" popping up a lot when I was listening to the radio here in China today. For my part, I applaud WSJ for providing an alternate point of view, other than the sanitized reports the world is receiving from the Chinese Government’s guided tours. I think it is appropriate that this article is in the Opinion section, a fact which should be remembered by those crying foul, and I hope that someone is able to get collaborating information from a verifiable source if it exists. I do find it notable that the only deaths we are hearing about is of Hans, when police gunfire has been heard and it was bound to have hit someone.

Scofield Tang replied (to Michael Webster’s comments):
you really an ameria guy,lol,but u.s. can’t stand for the whole world,so YOU JUST A FROG IN THE BOTTON OF A WELL (Editor’s note: a Chinese saying for someone with a very narrow mind and vision), China is changing JUST like what south Korea,japan ,taiwan(a province of China) do 20 years ago.DO YOU KNOW?

yeah,lol,we are brother

Jackie Zhang wrote:
Urgurs, an ethnic group, love to cheat, steal, rob, rape, murder. Nobody like them. I always doubt that whether they are Muslim. Sometimes their behavior make them more like animal or ghost, not a people.

Frankly, All the other ethnic group don’t like to contact with them. Part of Urgurs are so evil and lazy, I suggest reporters live with them for one night, maybe next morning, you will find your camera and money are lost, yet I bet you don’t dare to question them because a group of Urgur will gather around you soon and rob of all of your belongings.

It is the truth of Urgurs. A view from inside.

Zhen chi wrote:
It is shameful for WSJ to publish writings by this author, when whether she is the chief instigator of the recent atrocities by Uighur thugs against innocent Han Chinese is still waiting to be investigated. Is WSJ, the respected, leading and worldwide circulated English paper, willing to be the platform for one-sided propaganda?

benchi sun wrote:
The "true" story is that the author of the article (Rebiya Kadeer, a Uighur Chinese) has 11 children of her own and most Han Chinese couples are only allowed to have one child. This is only a reflection of the many special treatments that Uighurs enjoy in education, employment, and other social and economic areas. The author should stop telling lies. You know, God is always fair, no matter which God you believe in. God will punish those who tell lies. Can we agree on this?

Jiyong Chen wrote:
WSJ, valid opinion is OK in the opinion section. This is not opinion at all, it is propaganda from a terrorist head of a terrorist organization. How can you even endorse this as your American suffer through terrorism yourself??? You are literally supporting killing innocent American lifes who are died in 9/11!!!!!!!!

T.J. Chen wrote:
I did not know who this woman was, but after reading her so called opinion on the WSJ, I now believe that it is highly plausible this woman could be the mastermind behind the riots. The letter sounds like the work of a well polished PR firm, and I just cannot get over the eerie feeling that it was written before the riots took place. Osama should have hired this PR firm right after 9.11, and he could have had an office in Washington DC, right next to this woman’s.

I strongly urge the International community to condemn this woman, and have her stand trial on crimes against humanity. I will not be surprised if there are traces of Al Qaeda in the sham organization she heads.

ZeHe Huang wrote:
freedom of speech, WSJ invites terrorist.

Tony Wagner replied (to ZeHe Huang’s comments):
Poor Osama Bin Laden, when will WSJ gives you a chance to bleach you out?

Ming Ying replied (to ZeHe Huang’s comments):
Stongly support WSJ give a chance to Bin Laden! Everyone is born equal, so why Bin Laden doesn’t have a stage in WSJ?

Fu Lai Zhuang wrote:
China should sent people to learn from US America about how the whites manage to tame the Red Indian and wipe out the entire native cultures and people. US America has done a very good job, do you see any Indian problem now ? Nothing right ? China should just change the US America slogan "the only good Indian is a dead Indian" to "the only good Uyghur is a dead Uyghur". It is proven, it works. It can’t be wrong. As those terrorrist caught during during the riot, China should use water boarding on them. Waterboarding is no longer a torture, it has been legalised by previous US government. China should pay the US America expert in waterboarding as an advisor, for example, how to legally waterboard a human over 100 times.

benchi sun wrote:
repost a comment from markinnj on Jul 9th, 2009 at 5:55 pm

"I just finished watching an interview with Ms Rebiya Kadeer and found a few interesting facts:

1. She had 11 children, which confirms that Uighurs were not subject to China’s One Child Policy

2. She was born to a family with no background. She started her business with a road side convenient store and worked her way to be THE richest person in the province of Xinjing. This proved Uighurs can earn their business success through hard work.

3. She was a senior member of the People’s Congress of Xinjing, and a senior member of the National People’s Congress of China. This shows Uighurs were not excluded from political life in China

4. She was arrested because she provided funding to Eastern Turkestan and carried out activities in China following instructions from Eastern Turkestan. Eastern Turkestan is labeled as terrorist organization by most countries including the US , Russia, China, etc."

yu fu wrote:
A B i t c h Betraied her homeland and blabbered . Perhaps the USA is easy to be cheated.
Frankly speaking USA Deal with ur own racism and the economy crisis otherwise all of U will be bankrupt.
don’t beg CHINA WILL SAVE U~~~~~

Myat Thwin wrote:
This separatist woman has 6 (six) kids. She got rich in China and turned on her own country. There are 200 (TWO HUNDRED MOSQUES) in Urumqi alone. Han Chinese are allowed ONLY ONE kid. Uyghurs get into universities easier than Han Chinese. So, there is discrimination? Hello? Talk about ingrates!

America, this is for you! Are you listening? Your foreign policy is a failure. You’re fighting two and a half wars; for how long? How many American soldiers killed; how many wounded and maimed for life? How many billions lost? What do you have to show for it? How many countries hate you; your allies only want US aid; they are not friends.

"Nations don’t have friends, they have INTERESTS"

You fought the Soviet Union with Osama bin Laden to drive them out of Afghanistan and what did you get from OBL? 9/11 and 3,000 killed innocents.

What makes you think these Muslim separatists won’t turn on you in a heartbeat? Wouldn’t it make sense to be friendly with the world’s most populous nation who isn’t fighting you? Think about it!

Ditto the Dalai Lama crowd too.

benchi sun wrote:
Watch this youtube clip to find out what kind of person this "true story teller" is. See how this lady flattered with the communist officials (you might need someone who knows Chinese to help you to fully comprehend the irony shown by the clip).

You will see how Ms. Rebiya begged for the "honor" to kiss the communist official for thanking the official for helping her. Please don’t tell me that Ms. Rebiya had to behave in such a disgustingly way under pressure. With that sincere smile on her face, she just didn’t look like being faking. But if she really was, I would be very impressed and applaud her for being such a fine actress. Then I would be wondering if her "true story" is more credible or not because of her fine acting skills.

[1] The Wall Street Journal, July 8, 2009