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Huanqiu Warns Chinese Dissidents Not to Flee to the United States

Shan Renping, a commentator for China’s state-owned Huanqiu, published a commentary on Chen Guangcheng, the blind activist who fled China with the help of the United States. The commentary was clearly intended to dissuade other Chinese from taking similar actions. “There are some dissidents in China who believe that once they arrive in the United States, they will be treated as a treasure. This is their misunderstanding.”

“China and the United States are not enemies. Cooperation between the two countries will confuse those who live off the rice bowl of ‘Sino-US confrontation.’ They will feel that the United States is ‘not resolute’ in its attitude toward China, and that the United States chickens out during its fight against China. They even complain about ‘being ‘betrayed’ because they answered the call of the United States and took China as the enemy, only to be ‘abandoned halfway.’”

“China’s rapid development has attracted people around the world to come to look for development opportunities. At this time betraying this country’s mainstream development process and attempting to develop a personal life through renouncing this country is bound to be difficult in the long run. Such people will have no future.”

Source: Huanqiu, June 20, 2013