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Military Expert: A U.S. Aircraft Carrier Can Definitely Be Sunk in an Attack

Military expert Yin Zhuo was recently interviewed on Beijing TV’s "Military Decode" program. Yin commented that U.S. media had recently published an article stating that China’s aircraft carrier lacked battle group defense capability and that China seriously lacks a carrier-borne aircraft fleet and a protective fleet, which will leave it vulnerable when facing U.S. troops.

In response, Yin said, “The American media are completely lacking in objectivity in bad-mouthing China’s aircraft carrier. The U.S. aircraft carrier is not perfect either. It is entirely possible to sink it. Aircraft carriers fear nuclear submarines the most. China does not lack nuclear submarines. In addition, it also fears attacks from shore-based aircraft. Whether it is the East China Sea, the Taiwan Strait, or the South China Sea, all of them are within reach of our shore-based aircraft and within the scope of a joint attack.”

“In addition, no one said that we developed an aircraft carrier in order to deal with the U.S. From a strategic perspective, we would not directly confront the U.S. aircraft carrier Nimitz. … We still have a lot of other opponents beside the U.S. For example, when China is solving problems in the East China Sea or the South China Sea, that is when the carrier’s strengths can be played out.”

Source: People’s Daily, August 1, 2013