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BBC Chinese: U.S. Ambassador’s Resignation Triggered Widespread Discussion

BBC Chinese recently reported that the announcement of the resignation of Gary Locke, the U.S. Ambassador to China, immediately triggered a massive discussion on the Chinese Internet. Many netizens joked that Mr. Locke’s decision was largely based on the air quality in Beijing. The U.S. Embassy in Beijing started offering local PM2.5 pollution readings, which pushed the environmental protection topic to the top of China’s agenda list. Many netizens also “strongly complained” that Mr. Locke played a key role in major incidents that involved helping well-known human rights lawyer Chen Guangcheng flee China and in allowing the Chongqing Deputy Mayor Wang Lijun to enter the U.S. Consulate in Chengdu. Mr. Locke is also famous for his low profile style of spending taxpayer money, which contrasts significantly with the behavior of Chinese government officials. Some suggested that Mr. Locke might be getting ready to run for U.S. President, since he has accumulated enough experience in foreign relations, state governance, and running the federal-level Commerce Department. 
Source: BBC Chinese, November 20, 2013