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Huanqiu: Biden’s Beijing Trip Made Japan Recognize Who Is the Real Master

Huanqiu (Global Times), a subsidiary under People’s Daily, published an article stating that U.S. Vice President Joe Biden’s position in China made the noisy Japanese media "cool down." The article stated, in quoting a report by Hong Kong’s Oriental Daily, that on multiple public occasions in Beijing, Biden talked mainly about "the United States and China actively promoting the advancement of new relations between big powers" rather than the air defense identification zone. This made Japan, who asked the U.S. to do this and that, recognize "who is the real master and who can give orders." 

The article also claimed that, in his meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping, although Biden provided the reason why the United States is against China’s setting up the identification zone, China’s response was clearly the more important focus. Xi Jinping strongly rebutted him. The article stated that the foreign media that expected the United States to send a strong signal to China commented, "Biden’s visit to China was rebuffed." "Biden made the Japanese worry about the U.S. attitude." 

Source : Huanqiu, December 6, 2013