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Outlook Weekly: Party Cadres Must Consciously Master Special Skills

On December 16, Xinhua carried an article which was originally published in Outlook Weekly titled "Party Cadres Must Consciously Master Special Skills." In the article, it reiterated points from the recent talks that Xi Jinping gave on various occasions on the need for Party cadres at different levels to study Marx’s original works. The article stated that China’s current situation provides sufficient proof that the Marxist philosophy works well and is still a powerful way to provide guiding principles for the Party. The article stated that the latest major decisions that the Party has made suggest that the Party is good at utilizing the Marxist philosophy. It went on, “Work hard to master Marxist philosophy as a special skill; be steadfast in the ideals and beliefs; pursue a correct political direction; improve the ability of strategic thinking and decision making and the capacity for overall control." 

Source: Xinhua, December 15, 2013