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People’s Daily: The U.S.’s Human Rights Trick Is Weak and Feeble

People’s Daily published a commentary on the United States release of the 2014 "Country Reports on Human Rights." The article said, “Once a year, the U.S. State Department releases its "Country Reports on Human Rights" to the world. This is a routine action of the United States in the field of international human rights. It recklessly finds faults and makes comments on the human rights situations of nearly 200 countries and territories, but if it covered all possibilities, (it would find) it is its own human rights situations, that have been widely criticized.” 

The article indicated that America’s approach is not to promote the exchange and development of international human rights, but to use the "human rights stick" to dictate the world.   

The article declared, “Year after year, the U.S.’s selective blindness and even groundless accusations in its ‘Country Reports on Human Rights’ has repeatedly exposed its political bias and motives.” “The United States holds the ‘Country Reports on Human Rights,’ which has no credibility, to act as a ‘human rights master’ and interfere in other countries’ internal affairs. No country finds this practice acceptable.” 

Source: People’s Daily, March 1, 2014