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China to Complete Beidou Global Navigation System in Six Years

Yang Yuanxi, an academician from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said in an interview that China has successfully launched four Beidou experimental satellites and 16 Beidou navigation satellites, with the second stage of the Beidou Navigation Project – Beidou satellites regional networking – successfully accomplished. The level of the accuracy of the Beidou system in the Asia-Pacific region is no worse than the Global Positioning System (GPS), said Yang. He suggested that China accelerate the formulation of relevant industrial policies to improve the navigation industry and guide its orderly development.

Yang said, from the completion of the experimental system of Beidou in 2000, to official provision of continuous positioning, navigation, timing, and other services in the Asia Pacific region by the end of 2012, it took only a dozen years for China to join the club of only four major satellite positioning and navigation systems in the world. It is planned that around 2020, China will complete the Beidou global satellite navigation system of geostationary orbit satellites and 30 non-geostationary satellites, offering complete coverage with high-precision, highly reliable positioning navigation services.

Source: Xinhua, March 4, 2014